8-Minute Abs for Beginners!

We have a brand new specialty workout for y’all this week – 8-Minute Abs!

And since we’ve been hitting it hard with our Quickies, we’re gonna dial it down a few notches this week and start with a beginner level abs workout. Beginners – REPRESENT! Got no spunk in your trunk? I’m here for you.

If you need something more challenging, I give a few suggestions in the video. You could also do it 2 or 3 times through, or for longer intervals. Make it your own, bitches!

Add this to the end of your Quickie workouts! Or do it on your active rest day. Do it regularly to build some excellent foundational core strength that will make all your Quickies easier! 

And since there’s no new Quickie posted this week, might I suggest you tackle It’s Go Time!, the very first Quickie we launched! If that one doesn’t float your boat, here is the whole list of 17 workouts, all on one page, in order, Fussy McFussypants.

(I’m sorry I called you Fussy McFussypants.)

Ok then. Grab your mat and a towel and let’s get started!

8-Minute Abs – Beginner Level






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