Beginner-Level HiiT Quickie Workout!

Beginners! This One’s for YOU!
We are changing things up a bit with a no-impact beginner-level workout this week!

If my Quickie Workouts are too hard for you, this one’s for you!
If you’re new to exercise, this one’s for you!
If you’re recovering from injury, this one’s for you!
If you need a gentle start, this one’s for you!

We get the point, Laura.

You’ll still work all major muscle groups – legs, glutes, abs, back, and arms – so you’ll build your strength and work your way up to my regular workouts!

This Quickie Workout is especially great for anyone with joint pain who can’t handle the usual intensity of the typical workouts shared on the interwebs.

Watch it!
Try it!
Share it!
Sing my praises!
Name your first-born after me!

It was worth a shot.

And remember, you don’t have to time your intervals. You can start out gently by doing 10-15 repetitions of each of the exercises, stopping to rest as needed. Gradually increase the reps and gradually decrease the rest time, and soon you’ll be HiiTing my regular Quickies no problem!

For this Beginner-Level Quickie, you’ll need two light Sandbells (or dumbbells), paper plates, a chair, and a mat. If you want to time your intervals, you’ll also need your Gymboss Interval Timer!

Ready to begin? Let’s do this!



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