Buddy Up!

Everything’s better with a friend.

Many of us go to the gym to work out for that very reason. The social aspect motivates us to get there. The class schedule keeps us on time. Working out in front of others can also have the added benefit of making us exercise a bit harder or longer. No one likes to admit they can’t keep up! (Just remember, never sacrifice proper form or push yourself beyond safe limits. That’s just…  silly.)

Sometimes buddy up means joining a like-minded fitness community on Google+ or Facebook, or announcing your goals online or by email to friends and family in hopes that they’ll help you be accountable. If others are expecting updates, you might find yourself more likely to stick to your goal. Ask your supporters to send you rah-rahs in support! 

For this workout, I buddied up with my husband. (D’awwww……) He’s going to demo the modified version of the exercises while I demo the regular version. Not because I’m stronger or more fit (*wink*), but because we’re experimenting with this method for those who might need to see more of the modifications, who perhaps can’t remember them after a quick look at the preview video.

Will we continue with this format? Who knows. But my husband and I find we each work just a little bit harder with the other one nearby for inspiration. Why don’t you invite a friend to join you in your journey to getting fit? You’ll be spreading the “be your own kind of fit” love, and maybe feeling a little more motivated yourself as a result.

For this week’s workout you will need a dual-grip medicine ball (or heavy dumbbell), paper plates as sliders, and a mat.

Buddy Up! Preview Video


Buddy Up! Real Time Video




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