Can’t Touch This

After my month of socializing, I gave myself permission to lay low this week. I ignored the piles of laundry, pretended not to see the dirty floors, and walked right past the weedy gardens with only a few (dozen) nervous twitches. I’m tired. And even though my to-do list is a mile long, I need some rest.

So I took it.

I exercised as much as usual, but I had a rather uneventful week. And it’s just what I needed.

As a trainer, I work with two types of people (gross over-simplification, but bear with me): those I can’t get to exercise, and those I can’t get to stop exercising.

We see a lot of people who, usually after achieving amazing success in weight loss, are afraid that if they stop exercising for one single day they will fall off the wagon and find themselves right back where they started.

As someone who has never had a lot of weight to lose, I probably cannot completely relate to their fear. But what I do know is that rest and recovery are an extremely important part of any wellness program.  It’s in the rest and recovery that your muscles repair and rebuild. It’s in the rest and recovery that your hormones – which get a little wacky after the stress of exercise – return to normal levels. It’s in the rest and recovery that your body adapts to the stress it’s been tested with, and it’s in the rest and recovery that your body replenishes energy stores in preparation for the next onslaught of bad-ass muther-focking burpees.  

The symptoms of over-training are surprisingly similar to under-training.  They include a feeling of general malaise,  depression or frustration with progress or lack thereof, decreased performance and increased risk of injury.  

So it’s easy to mistake those things to mean you’re not doing enough, when perhaps it simply means you aren’t giving yourself enough of a break between challenging workouts.

Bodybuilders train only one or two major muscle groups per workout, and then they leave those muscle groups alone.  For DAYS.  And, um, have you seen a bodybuilder?  They challenge certain muscles, and then they rest them.  And it works.  

You know what isn’t a good look for anyone?  Exhaustion. Train wisely, my friends. Train hard, rest without guilt, and reap the rewards – you’ll be fitter, stronger, more flexible, and you’ll feel like a million bucks.  

Be your own kind of fit!


For this week’s workout you will need a set of light weights, a mat, and a dual-grip medicine ball (mine weighs 10lbs).  

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