I Had a Quickie with a Dozen People at a Hotel. Wait, What?

I had the good fortune to present a few HiiT Quickie fitness workshops at a conference in Sacramento, CA this past week. I just love the promotional materials – “Wanna Have a Quickie at the HSC Conference?”

I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?

It went great, and I love connecting with people, sharing my passion for health & wellness, and hopefully sending them off with a few ideas about how they might incorporate exercise into their lives. But it’s ironic that as I’m out and about promoting self-care, I’m finding it difficult to practice what I preach.

I partly love exercising as I travel because it adds variety to my regimen. I get to try out hotel fitness centers and jogging paths along beaches and city streets, and test out playground equipment as replacements for squat racks and pull-up bars. And yet when my sleeping schedule is off and I don’t have access to the foods I normally eat, and I’m living out of a suitcase and relying on foods that don’t require refrigeration, I find it hard to take good care of myself. I do well in the beginning, it gets harder as the week goes on, and by the end of the week I’m wearing my typical conference day #5 ensemble of bloodshot eyes, puffy face, and bloated belly.

But I do manage to maintain at least most of my usual fitness regimen.

My Quickie Workouts make great travel companions. As I led a group of adults through a workout on the hotel lawn this morning, we turned many heads. One passerby even took a photo of us. I guess there was something about a dozen butts in the air that was compelling enough to capture on film.

I had a Quickie with a bunch of people on a hotel lawn. Where’s the oddest place you’ve had a Quickie? Inquiring minds want to know!


For this week’s workout you will need a dual-grip medicine ball and a mat.

Quickie Preview Video:

Quickie Real Time Video:

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