It’s Go Time!

This is Fit

Can you look in a mirror and say that about yourself?  For a long time, I couldn’t, but I’m changing that.  Starting now.  We’re gonna start a revolution – we’re gonna learn to love our bodies.

Be your own kind of fit.  Whatever that means to you.  Whatever your goals, whatever your idea of feeling good and healthy and functional, I hope I can be a part of that.

I want you to be here because you have some idea of what being fit means to you, and you think I might be able to assist you in that journey. 


My Quickies have worked for me, and experience with others and research shows they can work for you, too.  And you’ve got nothing to lose by trying.  I mean, they’re free.

Ready for your first Quickie? Let’s do this!

Print a copy of the Workout Log, then watch the Preview Video first – it’s below! – and learn the exercises and modifications. Make notes on your log. Then, watch the Real Time Video and do the workout straight through! Then, if you want, record your results on your log.

Be sure to spend some time poking around the website, ‘Like’ This is Fit on Facebook, and don’t forget to leave feedback both here and there! Oh, and tell your friends!

Now – go get your sweat on!

For this workout you will need a mat, and a set of heavy dumbbells (I used 12lb. dumbbells).

Quickie Preview Video:

Quickie Real Time Video:

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