Monkey Platters (Huh?)

It’s #FoodieFriday and today’s tip is how to make monkey platters! Wait, what?

monkey platter 2

After seeing a zoo trainer give the monkeys a platter of snacks, our friend Sandra Dodd and her family start

ed making “monkey platters” at home. A monkey platter is a plate full of finger foods, easy to munch on while playing video games, watching movies, working, or doing anything else where you become so engrossed you may forget to eat.

Monkey Platter

I loved the idea the minute I heard it. It is common for us to get lost in what we’re doing, then come careening into the kitchen hours later, about to have a meltdown if we don’t get food into our bodies RIGHT THAT VERY MINUTE OMG I MIGHT KILL SOMEONE. OR EAT THEIR FACE.

Now, I frequently grab whatever we have on hand and make up a platter, set it out, and it disappears. This is a fine way to test out foods we normally wouldn’t select – who wouldn’t eat what’s already prepared in front of them? – and it su

re beats scrounging for ingredients and cooking when you’d rather be doing something else.  It also means we mindlessly munch on fruits and veggies rather than mindlessly munch on bags of chips.

Chopped veggies and fruit, nuts, seeds, raisins, cubes of cheese. Bowls of hummus, salad dressing, or nut butter for dipping. Crackers, sesame sticks, or hunked up granola bars.

What will be on your monkey platter?

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