Oh Hell Yes

“Hi, my name is Laura and I carry my excess weight in my thighs.”

Wait, what?

It’s true.  I do.  But that’s not how I introduce myself.  I’ve noticed a sad trend – it seems we believe we can preempt criticism by airing our faults and weaknesses up front.  It’s probably a result of years of insecurity, maybe teasing from peers, bullying even.  Certainly much can be blamed on the media’s warped message of what we ought to look like.

People come in all shapes and sizes, and who really cares?  I don’t choose my friends for their waist size, or their ability to run long distances.  I choose my friends because they’re good people, they make me laugh, and they enhance my life in many ways.

Maybe you carry your excess weight in your middle section.  Maybe your hair is too thick or too thin.  Maybe, like me, you’ve had acne almost consistently since puberty. (Dear Acne, Really?  Still?)


Lead with your strengths.  Believe in yourself.  Walk into a room with your shoulders back and a smile on your face.  Can you work a room no matter your body type?  Oh Hell Yes.  

We’re not going for perfection.  (What is that, anyway?)  We’re going for progress.  We’re going for feeling good.  We’re going for wellness.  Happiness.  Satisfaction.  Sleeping well at night.  

Stronger muscles and more flexibility can help with that.  My workouts can help with that. I’m simply sharing what works for me, and what I like.  This style of exercise may speak to you; it may not.  

But I’m glad you’re here.

Be your own kind of fit.  

For this week’s workout you will need one heavy dumbbell, a Rolled Mat, light dumbbells.

Quickie Preview Video:

Quickie Real Time Video:

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