the Shoulders & Six-Packs & Thighs, Oh My! workout

We had 28 dozen people at our house this weekend (give or take a few dozen) and during yesterday’s gathering, my friend Diane came up to me and started gushing about how much she loves my Quickie Workouts, how she didn’t expect to love my Quickie Workouts, how my Quickie Workouts are helping her feel strong and awake and energized, and how she can’t wait to do my Quickie Workouts every day. And there I sat, with a big old smile on my face, listening to her gush on and on.  And I thought…

This is why I do what I do.

I love hearing feedback, and I love knowing that something I’ve offered up has helped someone feel better. I love it when people share how shocked they are that they can get strong and fit in only 15 minutes a day. I love the glowing smiles on people’s faces when they talk about seeing muscle definition, or having less back pain.

In fact, that’s one of the things another friend shared with me. He’s been working his core regularly, using yoga and some of my workout suggestions, and he said he cannot believe how much better his back feels, and he’s suffered with back pain for years. YEARS.

This is why I do what I do.

I’m human, and I get down on myself sometimes, just like anyone. I’m not immune to comparing myself to others, and comparing my contributions to the world to what others are contributing. Sometimes I think “it’s just exercise” – I’m not moving mountains or anything.

But then again….  maybe I am… one person’s chiseled biceps at a time, one strengthened pain-free back at a time.

If what I do brings value to another, I’m happy.

I’m happy. And I want YOU to be happy too – by feeling fit, strong, relaxed, and most important, CAPABLE. If nothing else, I want my workouts to help you feel functional and capable. 

Enough mushy talk for today. It’s time to HiiT this week’s new workout!

My friend gushed on yesterday, “My shoulders! They’re getting toned! My abs! They’re so much stronger! My thighs! We’re going to Mexico in April and I’m gonna feel great in my bathing suit!” 

So this workout is named in her honor!
What progress are you seeing?
If I named a workout after YOU, what would it be called?

For this week’s workout you’ll need a set of light dumbbells or sandbells, a towel, and your mat.


Learn the exercises and proper form in this Quickie Preview Video:


Now do this workout in Real Time!


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