12 Day of Kicking Ass Workout Challenge – Day 5!

Hey! Guess what! I’m having technical difficulties and can’t get today’s video to export!
Someone pass the sledgehammer!

And this, boys and girls, is why I hire a videographer to shoot & edit my main Quickie Workouts.

You can learn to edit, they said.
You can do this yourself, they said.
It’s not that hard, they said.

I like to make videos with really shitty quality just to prove them wrong.

Wait, what?

So while my video editing software is being passive aggressive, we’ll just go on without it! I don’t need you, editing software! You can suck it!

Who’s lost her holiday spirit?
Put your hand down, Laura.

Today’s workout challenge is……  :::drum roll please::::  You have to sing it. YOU HAVE TO.

On the 5th day of Kicking Ass, Laura gave to us…  5 rounds of runniiinnnng stairs.”


5 rounds of:
– Run up & down a flight of stairs 1x (Make it harder: take those stairs two at a time)
alternated with
– 5 body weight squats (Make it harder: do 5 burpees WITH push-ups instead)

Don’t have stairs? Do 10 alternating leg step-ups! Or 10 box jumps! Or 10 jumping jacks! JUST MOVE.

Now, a word on how this challenge really works.
If you follow the 12 Days of Christmas song, you piggyback the lyrics, and repeat the preceding stanzas each time, right?

Well, if you REALLY wanted to do up this 12 Days of Christmas Kicking Ass Workout Challenge right, you’d do today’s challenge, and all the preceding days’ challenges!

Get it?
You get my meaning?

That means, today, you’d do:

Today’s Workout, Day 5’s 5 rounds of stairs + squats or burpees
Day 4’s 4 minutes of jumping rope
Day 3’s 8-Minute Abs of your choice
Day 2’s Legs on Fire #2
Day 1’s EMOTM throwdown.

Obviously, you don’t have to do it that way. I mean, I’m not there to see what you’re doing….

Or am I…..

(Sorry. That was kinda creepy.)
(I’m not really sorry.)

Either way, hiit today’s workout and post up some feedback. And come back tomorrow for another workout challenge!

And in the meantime, here’s a picture of me being not very oh-so-helpful cutting down our Christmas tree today!IMG_4572


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