12 Days of Kicking Ass Workout Challenge – Day 10!

Only 3 workout challenges to go!
Only 3!
Just 3!

So remember? That one time? When a bunch of fitness professionals shared their #1 favorite exercises

That..  that was awesome. (Name that SNL skit.)

And today, we’re gonna DO their favorite exercises!

Surprisingly, none of them chose the same exercise! So we can make a super-awesome Quickie Workout out of their favorites!

You’re going to do 10 reps of each of the 5 exercises, and repeat that for 2-5 rounds. If you do five rounds, that makes this a 250 reps challenge!

You can do them in any order you want. I will recap the 5 exercises for you, then share how I would order them.

Neila Rey, popular Google+ personality, chose the push-up.collage pu


To make push-ups harder, you can place your hands on dumbbells and add a row after each one! To make them easier, you can do them on your knees, or with your hands elevated on a step, chair, or even the counter top!

Jeff Oriente, another Google+ rising star, chose the squat. Revisit the original post for detailed instructions on proper squat form.

Jeff Oriente squat

To make this harder, you can hold dumbbells at shoulder level, or a barbell on your back!

Next, Justin Glenn shared his favorite exercise, the dead lift.


To do a proper dead lift, bend your knees, sit your weight back, and place your hands about shoulder width apart on a barbell (or dumbbells) that is right in front of your shins. Press your feet into the floor to lift the bar and stand, keeping your chin and chest lifted. Do not round your back, or use your arms to pull. Stand upright, then reverse the move to return the bar to the floor.

And obviously, the heavier the weight, the harder this is! Begin with a conservative weight, as this exercise is not for the faint of heart. 

From Katie Bielefeld, we learn a new exercise called Titanium Tucks! 

Titanium Tucks gif


Titanium tucks are like the evil stepchild of burpees, as you’re doing only the bottom half, and on one leg! Do 10 per side for this one.

And finally, MY favorite exercise, of course, the BURPEE! 

I’m sorry I chose burpees!
I’m not sorry.

burpee-with-push-up_4890800_GIFSoup.com BIG


So, if I was going to do this workout – and I am! I swear! – I would place the exercises in the following order:

Squats – I believe these will be a nice way to start. Tough, but not ridiculously tough.
Push-Ups – Getting serious now. And I’m totally adding the row variation.
Dead Lifts – We just hit the arms, let’s hit the legs again.
Titanium Tucks – Time to challenge the core!
Burpees – Primed and ready, this move combines almost all the previous exercises into one! Going out with a bang!

But again, you can choose any order you want. 10 reps of each.

Beginners: Do at least 2 rounds
Intermediate: Do 3-5 rounds
Advanced: Do at least 5 rounds and up to 10. WHOA!

Come back tomorrow for a new challenge! Home stretch, yo!

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