12 Days of Kicking Ass Workout Challenge – Day 4!

On the 4th day of Christmas Kicking Ass, Laura made us do….  4 minutes straight of jumping rope. 

Say WHAT?! You want me to…  you don’t mean…  you is CRAZY.

No, no I’m not. And yes, yes you CAN.

Ok, fine. Alternatives include jumping jacks, or squats, or squat jumps (bwahaha), or burpees. NOW how does jumping rope sound? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.

If you don’t have a jump rope, or if you spend more time getting untangled than actually jumping, you can use an imaginary rope and just jump and swing your arms as if you’re jumping an actual rope.

But geez, would it kill you to try it? 

NeeD more motivation? Check out this video from the amazing and beyond-energetic Bernadette Robinson. I ‘met’ Bernadette on Google+ and hot DAMN can this woman jump rope! You won’t be able to look away!

Want more? Watch this one, and this one. And OMG this one will blow your mind! And then, watch Bernadette’s 15-second tutorial on learning to jump rope! Yes, it’s only 15 seconds and it contains a daily challenge! 

Wait, did you watch all those? Each one is only 15 seconds long! Seriously – WATCH THEM. You won’t be sorry. She is aMAZing. 

And now with that in mind, it’s your turn to HiiT This Workout Challenge! Grab yer rope, set your timer for 4 minutes, and JUMP like you’ve never jumped before! Make me proud, bitches, make me proud. *sniff sniff*

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