12 Days of Kicking Ass Workout Challenge – Day 7!

Good grief there are a lot of days in 12 days. Like, 12! 12 whole days. Which means I have to come up with 12 whole workout challenges.

But I’m up for it. I’m here for you.

Are you here for me? I’m sorta co-dependent.

Ok, so we’ve hiit an EMOTM throwdown, as many rounds as possible. (I did 22. :::hair flip:::) That was Day 1.
We hiit abs. That was Day 2.
We hiit legs on Day 3.
We did some jump rope cardio. 4 minutes, to be exact. For Day 4. Hey look, the numbers match! 
We ran some staircases and alternated that with squats or burpees. Foorrrrrr Daaaayyyyy Fiiiiiiiiiiive.
And we did push-ups until we collapsed. But our arms are gonna look fan-freaking-tastic thanks to Day 6!

So let’s give those arms a break, and give those abs a break, and stop running and jumping around like damn fools, and just sit. 

Let’s just sit.
Against a wall.


My record is 6:04. 


No lie. I had enough lactic acid in my legs to fell a horse, and I couldn’t walk for 8-1/2 days, but I had bragging rights against my sassy friend Heidi, and that made my temporary inability to function all worth it! 

wall sit LiG3

Sort of. Not really. But too late now.

If you wanna be especially masochistic bad-ass, go back and hiit all the previous days’ workouts first, and THEN wall sit. Unless you want an impressive wall sit time. Then wall sit after a 5-10 minute warm-up. 

For cripe’s sake don’t skip your warm-up! 

Post up your time in the comments! 

And come back tomorrow for another 12 Days of Christmas Kicking Ass challenge! 

Photo: That’s me in a skirt doing a wall sit throwdown with Heidi in a hotel room. That’s our friend Shonna doing a plank. 🙂

Wall Sit video below!

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