12 Days of Kicking Ass Workout Challenge – Day 8!

It’s raining ice in our part of the country, so instead of shopping and running holiday errands, I’m sitting here thinking up twisted awesome workout challenges for y’all to do. Woo yay, right? 

Shut up, you know you love the attention.

Ok, time to sing.

La La La…  Mi Mi Mi….  Do Re Mi….  just warmin’ up my pipes.  Ahem.

“On the 8th day of Kicking Ass, this is what we do…..”

Wait – Why is my dog howling?

Today’s challenge is only 3 moves. 1 minute each. No sweat. No big deal. We got this. WE GOT THIS.

(3 minutes has never felt so long.)

Set your timer for 1-minute intervals. And then you do AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of squat jumps (or body weight squats), push-ups (toes or knees or a combo), and burpees. OF COURSE THERE ARE BURPEES, SILLY GOOSE.

People were posting up their scores in the comments section of this video! Check out some numbers! My people kick serious butt! My scores are posted in the video! This one is no joke! So many exclamation marks! 

Here come a few more!


Happy Saturday! 
Happy Day 8!
Happy ‘Bout-to-Get-Yer-*ss-Kicked Day!

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Day 8’s 3-Minute AMRAP Challenge! Look at me giving you the stink-eye, like this workout is YOUR fault. (It is.) (No seriously, it is.) 


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