12 Days of Kicking Ass Workout Challenge – Day 9!

Another workout? Already?

Hey, you’re busy. I get it. So we’re keeping it short and sweet on most of these! In fact, if you do today’s workout plus the last 3 days’ workout challenges, your workout would still be less than 20 minutes long!

I’m all about quick and dirty. RAWR.

So today’s challenge, should you choose to accept it… IS…..  drum roll…..

3 rounds of 1-minute AMRAP knee tuck abs!

What the hell are those? Well here’s a handy little gif I made for you. Yeah that’s right, I made a gif. I got skillz, yo.

Knee Tucks gif

Set your timer for 3 rounds of 1 minute work, and 30-60 seconds rest.

Start your timer, then do as many knee tuck abs as you can in one minute! 
Then when it beeps at the end of the minute, rest for up to 60 seconds.
Then HiiT it again!
Feel the burn!
Then rest again. God, I’m so nice for giving you all this rest!
Then one more time, bitches!
Then rest.
And whine.
And curse the day I was born.
Then lift your shirt, talk nicely to your shy six-pack abs, and praise the day I was born.

Then come back tomorrow for Day 10! Shit’s gonna get REAL tomorrow!

I’m sorry I said shit.
I’m not sorry.

And don’t forget to hiit me up with some comments on what you think about all these challenges! Ain’t nobody hiiting me up with some comments! I’ve gotten some “may you burn in hell for that 150 push-ups challenge” emails, and feedback on the Facebooks and the Google+, but no blog comments. Don’t be shy. Post on up! 

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