Rock This Workout

Got this awesome comment on my Facebook page the other day:

“Okay, I’ve been all quiet lately so as not to be so prominent. But I just HAVE to post this. Two things happened this week: #1 – My husband put his arm around my shoulder while I was chopping veggies for dinner, and said, “Whoa! What’s with the shoulder muscles?” I was excited. Then, #2 – Last night during dance class I was looking in that long room-length mirror, and suddenly realized, “OMG! My thighs are no longer squishing together!!! Both moments TOTALLY owed to This Is Fit Quickie workouts. *Thank you!!*”

I’ve heard from this women several times over the past many weeks. What’s her secret? SHE GETS IT DONE.

She does the workouts. That’s it.  15 minutes of HiiT and 10 weeks later she’s seeing some fabulous progress.  10 weeks. THAT’S IT, PEOPLE.

Are you getting it in? Are you rocking some shoulder muscles?  You can get it in with this week’s workout, ROCK THIS! 

For this week’s workout you will need a light sandbell, a heavy sandbell, a heavy dumbbell, and a mat.

Quickie Preview Video:

Quickie Real Time Video:

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