28-Day Getting Started Challenge

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(Put your hand down, Laura – you’re RUNNING the challenge. Sheesh.)
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Some of you know I am recovering from major surgery. It was my first ever surgery, and I’m shocked at how challenging recovery has been.

I haven’t been a beginner when it comes to exercise for… well…. about four decades! I’ve always been active.

But this surgery? The weeks following it turned me into a beginner again.

Talk about humbling!

Picture me shuffling – shuffling – to the end of my driveway back once and then needing to rest.

Yeah, that kind of beginner.

As I’ve gradually, carefully reintroduced walking and movement, it hit me – I’m doing the “from inactive to active” 28-day getting started program I created for my Walk Fit Challenge Premium members!

Yay me!

And then it hit me that y’all should do it along with me! Because for the first time in a long time, I won’t be only coaching and encouraging and empathizing, I’ll be right beside you – struggling, being cautious, and working through the head games that accompany any major lifestyle change.

It’s no secret that for many people, quality of life is greatly impacted by age-related health challenges, chronic degenerative disease, and lack of energy. We are essentially “living too short and dying too long.”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

 In fact, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you see results from an appropriate, consistent lifestyle change!

This 28-day challenge will take you from inactive to active!

At a gentle pace that won’t overwhelm you.

You’ll strengthen and tone your entire body with our beginner workout series, you’ll assess and adapt your food choices, you’ll develop habits that lead to increased energy and motivation, and you’ll quickly feel results.

Those who stick with this program are pleased and surprised at how much better they feel after only four short weeks!


Like Susan, who sent us this after completing the program….

“I can’t believe how great I feel after only four short weeks!”

And Mike, who sent this….

“I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in range of motion in the workouts and my stamina, taken over a minute off my mile time, and lost 15 pounds over the last 30 days. All I have to do now is keep this up…. not bad for this middle-aged, dumpy guy.”

The Deets:

You will receive an email every single day – this is your nudge, your positive peer pressure, your reminder that you want this!

The “short and sweet” version of what you need to know will be in those emails.

The “meat and potatoes” (ooh, YUM) of each day’s challenge is in the WFCP membership site, where upon logging in, you’ll be prompted to continue where you left off.

Does that mean you need to be a member of Walk Fit Challenge Premium? Yes – if you want the full monty. Join HERE.


What’s Included:
• Beginner Level Workout Assignments (which can be modified to be easier or harder)
• Nutrition Education (including meal planning, what to eat and why)
• Accountability & Support

More info in the FAQ below!


This is it.
This is YOUR TIME.
This is your 4-week jump-start to more energy, better mobility, a healthier YOU!


What’s Next?

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You’re only 28 days from a huge improvement in how you feel – who doesn’t want that??

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for beginners?

YES! This challenge is designed to get you started. It’s safe, appropriate, and gradual. If you’re not a beginner, it is adapatable for you, too! But this one is for my newbies. Beginners – represent!

Do I have to be a member of Walk Fit Challenge Premium to do the challenge?

This time, I’m going with no!
BUT, you’ll be getting the “stripped down” version, with no bells and whistles.

Members have access to dozens of workouts to choose from, an Invisible Fat Calculator to help you track your body fat loss, recipes, a private FB community, reduced rates on personal training, an exercise database, and more! It’s a ton of content for just $8.08/month and we plan to add content forevermore!

Join now using this link: http://walkfitchallenge.com/97-walk-fit-challenge-premium-special/

What if I don’t like it?

Wait – what? How could that be?!

Nah, just kidding. It happens.

We have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Will I need loads of equipment?

I use basic equipment in the workouts – dumbbells (light, medium & heavy), a mat, a chair, and a low bench.

If you don’t have those items, here are ideas for alternatives:

  • Instead of Dumbbells…  use filled water bottles or milk jugs, bags of rice, cans of soup. A stretch band with handles can be used for some of the exercises calling for dumbbells.
  • Instead of a Mat…..  use a large towel. Just be careful you don’t slip!
  • Instead of a low aerobic bench….  Use the bottom step of a staircase or a very sturdy bench wedged against a wall so it won’t move.
  • Instead of a chair….  Wait, really?
What if a workout is too hard for me?

These workouts are designed for beginners. Most exercises should be appropriate. That said, be sure to take it slowly, especially during the first few workouts, and especially if you haven’t been exercising for a while.

Focus on using proper form, and how you feel. The workout might say to do 12 reps, but you can do 8 reps or you can do 20.

Use very light weights, or no weights at all.  Be conservative with the amount of weight you lift until you know what you can tolerate.  What feels OK today can translate into extreme soreness tomorrow, so ease your way into these workouts gradually.

Take breaks when needed during the workouts. It’s not a race.

If an exericse hurts in the wrong way, do a different exercise that works the same body part.

Do whatever you can to make it effective, but also satisfying.  If you hate it, you won’t continue.  If you’re too sore, you’ll dread the next workout.  You’ll know when your body has adapted and it’s time to take it the next level.

What if the workouts are too easy for me?

Look at you, with your bad self! I like it.

In the summary of each workout I give suggestions on making the workout harder! Be sure to check that section!

Use heavier weights.
Do more reps.
Take fewer rests.
Do a cardio interval between strength exercises.
Do more rounds of the workout.
Pick up the tempo.

And, you are welcome to substitute any workout for the ones I’ve included!
As much as I want y’all to think my workouts are the best workouts ever, I really just want you to do any (safe & effective) workout!

Will these workouts take an hour?

No. Most take 30 minutes or less unless you change them up yourself.

Can I do cardio and a strength workout on the same day?

Yes, although if you’re a beginner I’d caution against doing too much too soon. I get it – you’re excited. You’re ready for change. But you’re at higher risk for injury and fatigue at the beginning, so ease into it. You’ll be doing other things in addition to exercise to optimize your health! It’s a process of 1+2+3+4= exponential awesomeness!

But if you’re feisty and independent and are going to do it on the same day no matter what I say, do your strength training first, and then cardio. Because,

A) You need all your energy to do strength training safely and with proper form. And, you need stored energy to help you build muscle.

B) The cardio after strength will help you burn up the last bit of “gas in your tank” – meaning you’ll burn more fat.

Why isn’t Walk Fit Challenge Premium free?

Because electricity and my car and food isn’t free, yo, and I’m hungry. (Especially after all this exercising!)

I’ve shared a ton of content for free, and it’s all still very searchable on the web. After 20 years of staying home with the kids (which I wouldn’t trade for any amount of money), it’s time for me to pull my weight around here.

Walk Fit Challenge Premium is ridiculously affordable when you consider everything you get! With my “I know Laura!” membership deal, it shakes out to $8.08 per month.

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