Ah, Push – P-Push It Real Good!

It’s still resolution time, and gyms are busier than ever.  I  love it – I thrive in a busy gym! Others? Not so much.

There’s a tendency for regular gym-goers to have a cavalier attitude toward the newcomers. They know that fewer than 20% will actually stick around, and they look forward to the days when they don’t have to wait to use the squat rack. I get that.

But in my gym, we always have to wait to use the squat rack! That’s because there’s one. One Squat Rack.

Even though my gym is very small,  I love it when it’s busy. I joke that I’m going to walk around placing sticky notes that say, “Mine Mine Mine” on all the equipment I’ll want to use, but really, I find it very motivating to be surrounded by lots of people getting their fit on. 

Resolution or not? I’m totally digging that people are at the gym!

But my resolution is a bit different. The only resolution I made for myself this year is to get more sleep. 

I’ve got the exercise thing down, I’ve got my diet dialed in, but now that I’ve launched This is Fit, taken on 3 personal training jobs, and still have a house to maintain and one child left in the nest, I’m recognizing my need to be smarter about rest and sleep.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a DOer. I almost never power down until I have to, and I almost never just sit and watch TV until my husband presses me to watch a movie with him. It’s just my nature.

It’s productive, and I love it, but I also tend to be a night-owl, and in recent months it’s become obvious that I can’t function as efficiently on only a few hours of sleep as I used to.

That’s code for I’m getting old, dammit.

So I’ve vowed to get more sleep, and because of my schedule, that means going to bed earlier because sleeping in later isn’t an option.

I wrestle with all the usual obstacles of setting a new goal, the most obvious one being my own inner whiner, who sounds something like this:

“But I LIKE being up late.”
“I won’t get to watch late night TV while checking email anymore.”
“I’m just not tired.” (No longer true.)
“I might miss something if I go to bed too early.”

A simple one-week experiment, where I willed myself to shut off all electronics, turn off the lights, and close my eyes by 10:30pm, was all it took to sell myself on the importance of this new goal.

After only a few days, I felt…  I felt…..  I.. Felt…  RESTED.

And feeling rested negates all those whiny concerns because I have more energy throughout the day, I don’t need that twice monthly afternoon 20-minute power nap, and with my extra energy and higher level of focus I can fit those things I might normally do late at night – checking instagram is super important, right? – into my days.

It might not sound like an impressive resolution, but there it is. And it was a wise choice.

Gotta pace myself at my age.

Speaking of pace, let’s ramp it up and get our sweat on with a new Quickie Workout!

You down with that?
You dig it?
You with me?
You ready to rumble?
Wait – I meant You ready to Push It? P-Push It Real Good?

That’s right, Salt-n-Pepa. I said P-Push it Real Good.

For this Quickie Workout you’ll need two light Sandbells and a dual-grip Medicine Ball.

Watch the Preview to learn the exercises, learn proper form, and learn modifications to make the exercises easier:

Now, click the Real Time Video to do the workouts straight through with me!



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