If you are looking to jump start your transition to a new, healthier you…
have more energy… improve your nutrition… and level up your fitness….
all with the support of people who know what you’re going through
and want to help you be your OWN kind of fit….


You’re in the Right Place!

 Are you ready to Change?
Our next challenge begins
April 20th, 2015!  

“This Spring, I had the good fortune of finding out about www.ThisIsFitWorkouts.com. It has changed my life.
No, really. I’m not trying to be dramatic here.
Just 15 minutes for a “Quickie” workout
a few times a week has resulted in major results for me,
including increased flexibility and strength,
leaner body parts, and a kick-start of my metabolism.
I would highly recommend these
to anyone who would like to experience the benefits
that I just mentioned.
Scratch that, I would highly recommend these to anyone who is breathing.”
Meredith of Whole Life Health


When I was designing this program (and even way back when I was defining my vision for This is Fit Workouts), I looked to several other programs for inspiration and ideas and to see what was out there. One of the things that stood out to me the most…


Almost all of the programs capitalize on our negative self-images.

They play to our insecurities, and dangle all those super-hard-to-achieve stereotypes in front of us. You know the ones…

“Get your body bikini ready!”

“Be hot and sexy!”

“Get your bombshell figure back!”

And one that arrived in my Facebook feed just now while I was writing this….

“Get your dream beach body!”

(And no, it wasn’t from the Beachbody company.)


Listen, there’s a place for all of that. Fine. Sure. Of course.

And yet…. Those promote an ideal that says HOW WE LOOK and HOW WE FEEL is dependent on how attractive we are to others. And you know what? Pardon my French, but, um, SCREW THAT.

That’s why my tagline is “Be Your OWN Kind of Fit.”

Being fit means different things to different people. I honor each person’s definition. I support each person’s definition. And what I support most is that it’s YOUR body and whatever changes you want to make, and whatever your reasons for wanting to make them, I support YOU.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people. No two shared the same goals, struggles, strengths, weaknesses and health concerns.

It’s about you. And only you. That’s why I love personal training. I strive to always make it personal.


“Since doing Laura’s workouts I feel better, am stronger, and mentally,
it is so uplifting. Exercise & nutrition really are the best medicine!” – Penny

Are you ready to Change?
Our next challenge begins April 20th, 2015!

Will testimonial

What I Want for YOU:

  • To define (and redefine) your goals
  • To define (and redefine) your reasons for doing this
  • To feel worthy of self-care and self-love
  • To adopt a mindset that moves you toward your goals
  • To feel capable, strong, and confident
  • To find your fitness
  • To design a healthy lifestyle
  • To have increased energy to do the things you love
  • To learn to listen to your body, and nourish it with optimal nutrition
  • To sleep better and make time for rest and recovery and quiet space
  • To feel productive
  • To feel proud of yourself
  • To be the best YOU you can be, whatever that means to you

“I just HAVE to post this. My husband put his arm around
my shoulder while I was
chopping veggies for dinner, and said,
“Whoa! What’s with the shoulder muscles?”
I was so excited!
TOTALLY owed to This Is Fit Quickie workouts. Thank you!!” – Mercedes

My Change You Challenge is designed to help you do those things and hopefully more!

With this program, you will learn how to gain control of your nutrition, cut cravings for foods that don’t support your health goals, and choose nutrient-rich, delicious foods and recipes that fill you up and make you feel great.

Whether you’re taking on the Change You Challenge because you want to improve your daily habits, lose weight, increase your fitness level, or improve (or prevent) health issues, we are here to help you transition to lifelong habits that will help you feel your best.


Are you ready to Change?
Our next challenge begins April 20th, 2015! 

This Program has Multiple Parts

I. Prep It’s said the key to success lies in the preparation. During the Intro Week, we will support you in adopting a new healthy-habits mindset and adopt some gentle changes to get you prepped for the full-on challenge! ($40 value.)

II. Challenge Imagine getting all the resources, supplies and support you need to

  • remove unhealthy foods from your diet, choose foods that actually fuel and nourish you 
  • infuse your body with the protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it so desperately needs
  • have more energy, and break the cravings you currently have for unhealthy foods
  • identify the barriers, obstacles and negative mindsets that are holding you back
  • reduce bloating, improve your digestion, and power up your health 
  • lose weight
  • build muscle
  • gain flexibility and mobility

You get meals plans! Menu suggestions! Activities! Nutritional supplement support! And…..
($200 Retail Value)

“My entire reason for doing the Change You Challenge was to get stronger,
more fit, more able to live life without being tired all the time,
and to help my physical health get on an even keel to help get me
through the winter and this is doing that, clearly.
So I’m going to keep going,
repeat the 5 weeks, and be really grateful that I made this investment.
It’s the first time I’ve ever stuck with an exercise program!”
– Sarah, Change You Challenge participant

III. 5-Week Fitness Program There are many obstacles to getting fit – finding (making – ahem) time is #1, but finding something that works for YOU is often a problem too. These days, the trend is more, and harder, and faster – you’ve seen the infomercials. But what if that’s too much too soon? And it is for a vast number of people. The key to developing a lifelong exercise habit is to progress at an appropriate, safe rate. That’s why this challenge includes 5 weeks of exercise programming that comes in TWO LEVELS. Level 1 is designed specifically for those new to exercise, those who haven’t exercised in a long time, and those who need a gentle start for whatever reason. Level 2 is designed for those who already exercise and are ready for a challenge! You can choose one level or do a combination of both! I always offer suggestions on ways to modify the workouts to fit your fitness needs! You will be your own kind of fit! ($200 Retail Value)

“Well, my results are in…. at the end of 4 weeks I am down 7.75 inches,
down 8.5 pounds, AND better yet, my fit test results
are AWESOME. 11 more push-ups, 17 more squats,
and 22 more crunches than on the week one fit test!!!
If you are looking to change you – inside and out – this challenge is for you.
You won’t regret it!” – Angela, Change You Challenge participant

IV. Support You’ll be supported every step of the way. From emails filled with support and education delivered straight to your inbox, to phone calls and texts, from access to a private Facebook support group (optional), to nutritional support products delivered right to your doorstep, we’re with you every step of the way.  (Immeasurable Retail Value!)

V. 5-Day RESET Detox & Cleanse Add-On This 5-Day RESET is an all-in jumpstart that will begin to repair your digestive system (which is, incidentally, where 70 percent of your body’s immune system is found!), reduce bloating, and reset your metabolism. When we consistently eat poor-quality foods, it’s not just about weight gain. We are starving our bodies of what they need to function. Many people do lose weight during the 5-Day RESET – it is a direct result of giving their bodies what they need to thrive. Your body was designed to work efficiently. Let us give you the tools to return to optimal functioning.  ($150 Retail Value)

VI. Maintenance Phase Add-On You’re off to a good start. Let’s not lose that momentum! What healthy habits will you develop that will not only put but keep you on the path of improved health and nutrition? How will your new daily choices look different from your former habits? Which habits and choices serve you and which ones should you discard or change? We cannot transform in a few days what took years of declining habits to create. We will help you continue to progress and transform as we customize your new, healthier-you lifestyle. You’ll feel so great you won’t want to return to your former level of wellness – we’re pretty damn sure of that because it happened to us. ($140+ Retail Value)

“Thanks to your workouts (which to be honest, I only do 2 or so times a week)
and watching my diet better… I have lost close to 60lbs and can now fit in a size 12!
(Yes, snugly, but if I am not laying down, sucking in my tummy to
zip and button, and am not having difficult breath, they fit!)
I have not fit into a size 12 in close to 15 years.” – Jen

You’ll Also Receive:

  • Tips and tools, education, support, and motivation directly to your inbox.
  • Access to our private Facebook group! This where we support each other, ask questions, and have fun!
  • Direct access to a certified Nutrition Advisor, two certified Fitness Professionals experienced in personal training, senior fitness, athlete training, rehabilitative exercise programming, and group exercise, and several Change You Challenge leaders, all of whom are committed to answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and helping you modify the program to fit YOU
  • Nutritional Education – how to fuel your body for optimal health
  • Nutritional product support – top-rated, pharmaceutical grade products from the only brand we trust
  • Exercise Programming – full-body strength workouts, abs workouts, cardio programming, and flexibility training
  • Workout video tutorials – you know I like me some exercise videos!
  • Tools, tips, tricks, and self-development activities to help you create healthier habits
  • Meal plan, menu suggestions, recipes


And So Much More!

Tools. Motivation. Fitness. Nutrition. Education. Support. Community.

Let me help you Change Yourself.

I’m honored to work with you, and I’m at your service.

Are you ready to Change?
Our next challenge begins April 20th, 2015!  

Complete Pricing for the 5-Week Change You Challenge: only $180

(Full Retail Value is $730.)

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