About Quickie Workouts

Have a Quickie; Get Fit

5 exercises. One minute each. Repeat 2 more times. BAM. You just had a QUICKIE.

You’re welcome. ::lights cigarette::

Can you really get a good workout in only 15 minutes?  If you do it right, you sure can.

Raising intensity is the best way to burn more calories when you’re short on time. 

When people complain they aren’t seeing results from their workouts, one of the first things I look into is intensity. Often they are lifting weights that are too light, they are not incorporating high intensity exercises that raise their heart rate into the optimum training range, or they’re doing the same things over and over and have hit a plateau.

Enter This is Fit Quickies – High Intensity Interval Training, or HiiT as it’s commonly called.

If you go all-out for 15 minutes, using these total-body 15 minute Quickie Workouts, you will see – and feel – results.

For realz, yo.

With 15 Minute Quickies, you can:

  • Gain muscle strength and endurance and flexibility as you burn fat
  • Improve your metabolism (muscle is more metabolically active than fat)
  • Improve your cardiovascular health
  • Get a whole-body workout that supports functional movement
  • Get in shape without spending hours and hours exercising
  • Avoid plateaus because your workout is always changing

In each Quickie Workout, we will alternate intervals of moderate-high intensity exercises with intervals of rest. That’s it. Better yet, you don’t have to figure out which exercises to put together to achieve a total-body workout.

I do that for you.

So here’s how you get started:

  • Read all the information under the Start Here tab.  Please.  PLEASE.  Pretty please?  It’s important.  DO IT.  
  • Read the FAQ.  
  • Have a Quickie.  *snicker*