Ain’t No Rest!

Last week I worked my legs especially hard. I did three workouts with weighted squats, I added 50 stationary lunges to my daily morning yoga routine of ten Sun Salutations (5 lunges per salutation), and I did both of my Legs on Fire! Thursday Throwdown challenges.  Needless to say, by Friday, I could barely finish Legs on FIRE. My legs were screaming. Because they were ON FIRE.

But I’m having a good week, hormonally-speaking (ahem), so when the mood strikes, I go for it. My legs also tend to be my “trouble spot.”  We likely all have one…  that one body part that’s the last to tone and the spot that retains those last few pounds you just can’t shed…. 

So I’m going after it with all I’ve got right now. And this week’s Quickie workout hiits the legs pretty darn hard. You’ll notice that I’m really struggling, too. Keepin’ it real, bitches!

Whether or not your legs are your trouble area, you’re sure to build strength and power with this week’s workout. So grab your heavy sandbell and leg’s get busy! (<—-you see what I did there? Do ya?)

For this week’s workout you will need a heavy sandbell and a mat.

Quickie Preview Video:

Quickie Real Time Video:

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