Bodyweight HiiT Workout for Legs, Abs & Arms!

New Workout! Woot! Yeehaw! Hot damn! Yippee ki-yay, motherf— 

Uh, nevermind. Got a little carried away.

We’re trying a new format for this workout! We’re going to hiit the right side on each move, then the left side on each move!
Or maybe you’ll do the left side and then the right side.
Or maybe you’ll alternate which side you do first.
Or maybe you’ll randomly decide each time and be all “what NOW, bitches!”

You do what you need to do, Honey.

What was I saying?

Oh, new format. So instead of 50/10 timing, we’re going to do 25/5 timing. 25 seconds of work on one side, 5 second rest/transition, then 25 seconds of the same exercise on the other side.

CRAZY, I know!

Still 5 exercises, still 3 rounds.
But this time it’s all bodyweight exercises, too!
We don’t NEED no stankin’ ‘quipment!

You might want to jot this workout down so you can peek at it as you go. Use my handy-dandy downloadable, printable, usable, adaptable, and edible workout log

Wait, edible? Meh – who’m I to judge?

All you’ll need for this workout is a mat and a chair or step. Watch the Preview Video to learn the exercises, proper form, and modifications to make it easier – and sometimes harder! Then use the Real Time Video to do it with me! 

Hahaha I said do it with me.

So, are you ready?
Really ready?
Like, right now?
You sure?
You absolutely, positively sure?

Walk away from the caffeine, Laura.

Alllllllrighty then! Let’s HiiT it!

Workout Preview:

Real Time Workout:

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