Build Muscle – Burn Fat – Be Fabulous!

With this Quickie Workout you’ll build muscle! Because it’s back to basics with this one! Lunges, Overhead Presses, Planks, and Dead Lifts make a comeback in this workout.

With this Quickie Workout you’ll burn fat! Because we turn regular exercises into high-intensity intervals lasting 50 seconds with only 10 second breaks in between, you’ll burn fat far after your workout is done. 

With this Quickie Workout you’ll be fabulous! Because I only hang out with fabulous people *hair flip*

Also, did you know I’m famous? It’s true.

Bradford Lowry of DRS Health and Fitness HOA interviewed me for his Fit Focus column! We talked about my life, why I launched This is Fit, and whether or not I’m really sorry when I call you Bitches (Spoiler: I’m not).

And, not only is my interview make on their site, but I’m on the cover of their online Flipboard Magazine! I feel so cool!

The issue is chock full of fantastic content too. There are articles about running, stretching, fueling your workouts, best running shoes, injury prevention and much, much more! 24 articles, all in a beautiful, user-friendly online magazine format. To “turn” the page, hover your mouse over the right hand side – right where you’d turn a real page! My interview is on page 3 of the flipboard.

Check it out and share it around! 

But now let’s get sweaty. *wink nudge*

For this week’s Quickie you’ll need one heavy sandbell and two heavy dumbbells. You don’t have sandbells yet?They’re not expensive! Get some now! You’ll be soooo glad you did!

Learn the exercises, proper form and make-it-easier modifications in the Quickie Preview Video:


Do the workout straight through with this Quickie Real Time Video:


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