Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Quickie?

This isn’t that kind of website.

No really, what is it?

It’s a 15 Minute Workout Mash-Up. 15 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training. 5 moves, one minute each, three times through. Fewer times through if you’re a beginner-beginner. More times through if you’re into self-punishment or a bad-ass.

What if 15 minutes is too long or hard for me? (Haha you said long or hard.)

If you need to take it slow, here are a couple ways to do that:

• Do the 5 exercises once through. Rest for 1-2 minutes before repeating.
• Do each exercise for a shorter interval, rather than a full minute, and work your way up to longer intervals until you can do the full 50 seconds straight through. For example, do each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.
Progress up to 40/20 intervals, then 45/15, until you can do the 50/10 intervals.

I have more suggestions for modifying the workouts here.

Why are there two videos for each Quickie?

The first one is the Workout Preview – the Quick & Dirty Version of the workout.  The Preview Video gives detailed instructions for each exercise on proper form, modifications to make each exercise easier, and occasionally variations to make them harder.  This is the best way to learn the workout.

Or, if you’re all, “tell me what to do and hurry up about it,” and you want to get your assignment as quickly as possible, sign off, and do the Quickie on your own, this video will give you all you need to know to go on with your bad self.  The Quickie Preview Video is approximately 4-6 minutes long.

The second video is the Real Time Video – the Do It With Me Version of the workout. If you want to watch the entire Quickie in real time and do it with me (RAWR), watch the Real Time Video.  This video gets right to the workout, with no detailed instruction.  We get our equipment set up, we hit the timer, and we get our fit on, baby.  The Real Time Video is approximately 16 minutes long. 

If you need to learn modifications, be sure to watch the Preview Video for the workout first.
Watch both, or just the one that suits your tastes.

What types of exercises are in the Quickie Workouts?

Each Quickie Workout includes exercises to challenge all the major muscle groups, including your core (abs & back), and is designed to raise your heart rate into the optimal training range.  Generally, each Quickie will use one or two high-intensity exercises that really raise your heart rate, and two or three exercises of lower-intensity that focus on building strength.

How do I time my intervals?

Before I bought my handy-dandy GymBoss Interval Timer, I would set the timer on my phone for 50 seconds.  When it beeped, I stopped, hit reset, and pressed start again.
Or I’d watch the clock on the wall. 
Or I’d use a kitchen timer.
Or I’d use a stopwatch. 
Or I’d estimate.  
But you can’t beat the price of the Gymboss, and this thing makes timing so simple.

If you use the Real Time Videos to do the Quickies with me, there will be a timer on the screen and my Gymboss will cue you!

How often do new Quickie Workouts get released?

Weekly. On Mondays.
Be sure to subscribe to my site or YouTube channel so you never miss a workout!

How often should I have a Quickie?

I highly HIGHLY recommend 3-4 per week. Because, um, HELLO – endorphins! But anytime you do it, it’s better than not doing it at all. So do it. Do it now. DO IT.

Do I need equipment?

Many of the exercises can be done using only your body weight. However, if you’re exercising at home, it will be helpful to own some equipment because you will get so much more variety and awesomeness!

In my Quickie Workouts, I will use the following equipment:

• Sets of dumbbells: light, medium, and heavy
Sandbells: light and heavy
Handled Medicine Ball: Mine weighs 10lbs
• Stability Ball
• Mat

And don’t forget a Gymboss Interval Timer!

Do you recommend this over a gym membership?

I have lots of Quickies at the gym! (Wait, what?)

I love love LOVE having a gym membership. Knowing a class starts at a certain time motivates me to get there. I adore having access to all that equipment. I appreciate taking classes led by knowledgeable instructors. My Quickies can replace your gym membership or complement it. Totally up to you.

Will there be plyometrics (jumping) in every workout?

Yes. Not a gob-load, because I’m very conscious of safety, but yes. There will.

However, I always offer low-impact alternatives. I call those Make-It-Easier Modifications and you will learn those in every Workout Preview Video.

Why are your Quickies free?

Because I’m awesome like that.

What are your credentials?

You can read my bio and certification information here.

Why don’t you have a shockingly perfect, sculpted, goddess body like all the other women in workout videos?

Hey now, be nice. Geez.

Because I’m 44, I birthed two children, I live in the cornfields, I like cookies, and baby, I was born this way. WHAT UP NOW.

You’re funny.

YOU’RE funny.

My question isn’t listed here.

You need a lot of attention, don’t you. Fine, hit me up here.


“Holy buckets of sweat! Just did a quickie,
and you could wring me out. Good way to start
my week, THANK YOU!”