From Couch to Fit!

Snowed in? Me too! Take advantage of the cold, snowy weather to nestle in & read a good book, but FIRST – make that couch work for you with this 15-minute “From Couch to Fit” Quickie Workout!

I’d go on and on like I normally do, but this blizzard is a pain in our *ss. We’ve gotta rescue our stranded car (we had to be driven home by tractor last night!), haul firewood, plow the driveways, and make soup so we can thaw our insides when it’s all said and done.

But you can bet that later, I’m gonna warm my frozen bones by HiiTing this quickie on the couch!

Hahaha I said quickie on the couch.

Learn proper form and modifications to make the 5 exercises easier in the Workout Preview! Then, use the Real Time Video, below, to do a couch quickie with me! (hahahasnort)

(The blizzard has not stolen my sense of smartassery!)
(You will not steal my soul, blizzard that never ends!)

For this workout you’ll need a couch, mat, two light Sandbells, and your Gymboss Interval Timer!

Quickie Preview:

Quickie Real Time:


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