Get Up. Try Again. You Want This. Keep Going.

Sometimes, I let a setback derail me completely from pursuing a goal. 

There are bad days. (There always will be.)
Low-energy days. (They come and go.)
Cloudy days. (Appreciate the sunny ones.)
It’s harder than I thought. (Adjust.)
It’s taking longer than I expected. (Adapt.)
I don’t feel like it. (Reevaluate.)
Why can’t I just…. (You can, just not yet. Keep going.)
Why can’t I be like…. (Unhelpful thinking.)
It’s not fair. (Accept it.)
No one understands. (Reach out for support.)

We all have low days, days when we feel defeated, maybe even hopeless. I do too. (Yes, I do.)

Just the other night, I had a conflict that sent me directly to CrazyTown.
I went to alllll kinds of bad places in my head.
I jumped to extreme conclusions, I over-reacted, my heart was pounding, the whole nine yards.
I was alone, dealing with this by myself, with nothing to stop me from going all-the-way crazy.


What calmed me down? 

First, I reminded myself of my principles.
What I believe in.
What I want.
Who I want to be.
And decided I wouldn’t do anything until I could act from a place of principle.

Then, I asked myself what I’d say to a friend if she was in this predicament, not me.

If it was someone else struggling? Oh I’d be all kinds of insightful and wise and calm. I’d have suggestions! And I’d be gentle! And I’d be supportive!

So I gave that to myself.

2013-10-22 14.05.18-1

Wouldn’t it be boring if the journey threw no curves?
(Boring sometimes sounds nice, doesn’t it?)

Get up.
Try Again.
You want this.
Keep going.
Ask for help.

And in all things, be kind. And be gentle with yourself.


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