Giveaway! Free Race Entries! Let’s Get Muddy!

Who wants a free Pretty Muddy race entry?

(Put your hand down, Laura.)

So, a few days ago I blogged about the Pretty Muddy, an untimed 5K obstacle course race for women only.
I told you they’re giving away free race entries to survivors of breast cancer.
I told you breast cancer survivors can simply register with promo code ”SURVIVOR” for their complimentary entry.
I also mentioned that early registrants pay less!

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Well now, I have even more exciting news! Thanks to Pretty Muddy and Girls Gone Sporty, I’ve got FOUR RACE ENTRIES to give away!

And, even better, these entries are not limited to any particular location.  You get to choose your location if you win!

Again, Pretty Muddy has races in four locations:

  • Dallas, April 26th
  • Sacramento, May 3rd
  • Chicago, August 16th
  • Richmond, September 20th

I will be doing the Chicago race!

If you’re a winner, you will be notified by email to confirm the entry fee type you won AND to select the location!


Here’s What You Can Win!
  • I have TWO standard race entries ($69.50 value) to give away!
    The standard race entry is for one female.
  • I also have TWO Family Edition race entries ($45.00 value) to give away!
    The family edition race entry is a special wave of the day that allows everyone – and by everyone, we mean BOYS! Squee! – to join in on the fun!

LOOPHOLE! Even though the Pretty Muddy is for women only, the final wave is where your kids, boyfriends, husbands, neighbors, even grandpas can join you! The Family Edition waves take place AFTER the female-only waves and are a bit later in the day.

Are you excited?
Let’s Do This!

The contest starts…  NOW!  And runs until Sunday, February 26th at midnight!

Use the rafflecopter links below to enter the contest for your chance to win!
And tell your friends!




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