Gonna Work Out Allll Day Long

The name of this week’s Quickie – All Day Long – has two meanings. 

First, I ate All Day Long yesterday at a family gathering.  Seriously, I might’ve eaten my weight in food. Literally
And second, I plan to work out All Day Long tomorrow as penance. Literally. All day long. Where all day long means as long as it takes to do this week’s Quickie!

Note to self: Walk AWAY from the pie.

Also, today’s the last day to buy Sandbells at 20% off and free shipping on orders over $49! Go now!

Wanna kick off Labor Day with a Quickie? You know you do, you cheeky monkey.  


For this week’s workout you will need a small sandbell and a mat.

Quickie Preview Video:


Quickie Real Time Video:

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