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Did you know you can get all the awesome benefits of exercise without doing anything extreme?

It’s true, and I have client testimonials to prove it.
The current trend is harder, faster, more extreme and “Beast Mode.”

And that’s fine – for the already fit and the exercise-masochists among us.

There’s a huge gap, however, in quality, safe, appropriate exercise programming for beginners and the 35+ crowd.

So, I teamed up with Ed Forteau of CBS Sports Radio  to create the Walk Fit Challenge Premium!

It’s a membership site with fitness, nutrition, online personal training, recipes, community support and more for beginners and the 35+ crowd! I’m super proud of it. This is where I’m spending the vast majority of my time and efforts these days!

So if you’re looking for me and looking for new content, that’s where you should go!

We host 28-Day Getting Started Challenges regularly! So get on in there.

And every time we do, we receive testimonials like this one:


“I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in range of motion
in the workouts and my stamina,
taken over a minute off my mile time,
and lost 15 pounds over the last 30 days.
All I have to do now is keep this up….
not bad for this middle-aged, dumpy guy.”


We’re just getting rolling and we have sooooooo many amazing things planned! JOIN US!

Regular monthly membership is $49.95/month, but you can get a super-reduced “I know Laura!” rate of only $8.08/month if you use THIS LINK.