Killer Legs Workout!

Who’s ready for a leg workout?

This week’s Quickie has a cardio move followed by two killer leg exercises, so your quads are gonna be on fire, yo! But then you’re going to be all “HELLO strong, toned legs!” and sing my praises and erect an altar in my honor where you give thanks to my mother for bringing me into this world because without me, you would be forever lost and weak-legged.

Or maybe you’ll just give me a high-five and a fist bump. That works too.

Y’all ready for this? Cue my music, bitches! 

(I’m sorry I called you bitches.)

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, donate if you’re willing and able, share my videos, buy me nice things, walk my dog, wipe down my counters, and if you have a little time on Saturday, help me clean out my garage. I’ve got a little problem with cobwebs in my crawl space, if you know what I mean. Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, a leg workout! Time to HiiT it! And while you’re HiiTing this Quickie (RAWR), I’ll be driving my son to LAX airport, dropping him at the curb, taking his car, and cruising to Las Vegas. It’s roadtrip time! Woo!

For this week’s Quickie, you’ll need your Dual-Grip Medicine Ball, your Mat, and a Chair.

Killer Legs Quickie Preview Video:

Killer Legs Quickie Real Time Video:

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