Let’s Get Muddy! For a Good Cause! At a Discount!

Have you ever done an Obstacle Race? Believe it or not, I haven’t!

I competed throughout most of my youth, beginning with power tumbling, then dabbling in AYSO soccer and 4-H sports, and on through middle and high school in track, volleyball, cheerleading, and one season of basketball.

But as an adult? Not so much.

Also, MAN did I suck at basketball.

I even went on to play some intramural volleyball in college, and then coached girls volleyball and track for a few years. And I’ve always exercised.

I loved competing….. mostly. But the nerves…  they get to you after a while. I’d get soooo nervous before competitions of any sort! I wish I’d been coached not only on physical conditioning and skills, but on mindfulness and focus and calming my nerves the f*ck down. I know the things that most held me back were nerves and lack of confidence. 

There are a lot of people at my gym who do every race within a 30 mile radius, and I have to admit I’m a bit jealous of their shared experiences and sometimes wish I did them too. But two things hold me back. My nerves, of course, and this little thing…  it’s nothing, really…  it’s just that…. I hate running.

MAN, do I hate running.

I’ve tried to like it, but after 35 years of trying to like it I finally gave myself permission to NOT LIKE IT.

MAN, does it feel good to give myself permission to not like running.

But then some wise guy has to go and invent a whole new kind of event – the obstacle race. And suddenly, my curiosity is piqued. I am all about High-Intensity Interval Training, which is essentially what these races are. I absolutely love sprinting, which I know is similar to running except, um, it’s short! And anytime something has the potential to be good for you AND silly and fun, well, now you’re speaking my language!

I just learned of a new obstacle race – the Pretty Muddy.

pretty muddy logo

The Pretty Muddy is a for-women-only obstacle event. It’s a 5k course, filled with muddy obstacles and “a pretty epic finish line party that includes entertainment, music, drinks & celebration galore.”

Well sign me right on up!

Word has it the race was started by three husbands who thought their awesome wives deserved to have some girl time where they could have fun and connect with other women.

As further proof that the point is to have fun, the race is untimed.

And while that might irritate the more competitive among us, it also takes the pressure off for a change. Let’s just….  have fun?
Like, no nerves needed?

As if the Pretty Muddy isn’t awesome enough already, the race raises money for breast cancer research. 

And here’s where they elevate to Awesome, Expert Level: They are giving away 250 free race entries to breast cancer survivors! Breast cancer survivors can simply register with promo code “SURVIVOR” for their complimentary entry. 

How cool is that? Check out this link and please share it with someone who might benefit from it. 

The discounts don’t end there – the earlier you register, the more discounted the price will be.
The first 200 participants to register get 50% off their race fees.
The next 200 to register get 40% off.
And so on.

You can see the pricing breakdown HERE.

And because I’m a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador – did you know? – you can get a $5 discount just because I like you!
To redeem it,  use code GIRLSGONESPORTY when you register.

Pretty Muddy has races in four locations:

  • Dallas, April 26th
  • Sacramento, May 3rd
  • Chicago, August 16th
  • Richmond, September 20th

I will be doing the Chicago race!
Grrrrls, are you in?
Let’s get muddy!

And stay tuned, because I have another Super Fantastic Exciting Announcement of Awesomeness with a Cherry on Top that You Won’t Want to Miss coming soon.
Soon….. my Precious…  soooooon……. 

Wait, I think I just mixed up Wicked Witch of the West with Gollum.

(It’s a giveaway….)
(For free race entries…..)
(MAN, I’m bad at secrets….. )

This is going to be a really fun event for a great cause!
Feel free to share this post on Facebook and Twitter and Google+ to pass along the discount to all your favorite girls!
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Get more Pretty Muddy details here:

Pretty Muddy Website

Have you ever participated in a mud or obstacle race? If so, what did you think and what advice do you have?

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