Let’s Punch This New Year’s Workout in the FACE! Wait, what?

Are your holidays going well?
Was it everything you hoped it would be?
Are you over-flowing with happiness and joy and holiday goodies? I hope so. I really do! 

I know the holidays aren’t a great time for everyone. Some among us have difficult family situations to deal with, or no place to go. If that’s you, know that you’re welcome here in our This is Fit family. Really! As it becomes more and more fashionable to criticize online relationships as somehow less than valid, I think the internet offers us the chance to find like-minded people and connect with others in an unprecedented way! As an extrovert who lives out in the sticks, it makes me feel less alone when I can interact with others online. 

So whether the holidays were good to you or not, whether you live near or far, I’m glad you’re here. I’m really really glad and I’m really really grateful. 

Ok, that’s enough mushy talk. It makes me twitchy.

Raise your hand if you HiiT my 12 Days of Kicking Ass workout challenge!

I got some great feedback, and I had fun putting it together. It’s still there if you want to tackle it – who cares if you didn’t do it as it posted? No one cares. HiiT it now! HiiT it next week! HiiT it hard, bitches!

Better yet, HiiT this week’s brand-new Quickie workout! I’m in love with this week’s Quickie Workout. It has a super cool spider kick-through move, it has my new favorite oblique exercise, and it has a wicked broad jump burpee push-up walk-out combination that could be a full workout all by itself! This one has something for everyone, and remember, watch the Workout Preview Video to learn the exercises and modifications to make them easier, but if those mods aren’t enough, check out this page for more ideas of adapting my workouts to fit your fitness level!

Ok, good people, it’s time…  you’re gonna need a mat and a set of heavy Sandbells (or dumbbells) and that’s it!
Oh and your attitude.
Get your game face on, take a few deep breaths, and repeat after me: “I’m gonna punch this New Year’s workout in the FACE!”

Hahahahaaaaa LET’S DO THIS!

Quickie Workout Preview:

Real Time Video:

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