“My Clothes are Too Big. I’ve Built Muscle. I Feel Great.”

Tossing out free workouts with no payment or sign-up required is really, really fun – I’ve always been a “give more than you get” kind of person – but it is also a bit….  unpredictable, in that I don’t always know who watches my workouts, who tries them, and most important, who sticks with them.

I recently had another trainer tell me that I won’t have a leg to stand on in the fitness world unless I have dozens of documented “before and after” transformation stories. I just shrugged. I’m not trying to be the world’s most famous trainer. I’m simply trying to put out quality workouts that people can use to get fit fast.

How do I know they work?
Because they worked for me.

When I began doing HiiT workouts, a couple things happened.

First, I began getting my ass royally kicked by my workouts. I’d always put a lot of effort into my exercise sessions, but never before had my workouts consistently caused me to end in a heap on the floor, wondering how such a short workout could be so challenging.

And second, I got fit. I got stronger. I got leaner. I jumped higher, felt more competent, and saw real muscle tone for the first time EVER.

Now let me be clear. I love movement and exercise, so I have been exercising in some form or another All My Life. From dance and power tumbling, to school sports, to intramurals and lots of gym time in college, to biking, jogging (yeah, it happened. One summer.), aerobics classes, and so on. So I never understood why I wasn’t leaner and didn’t have more sculpted muscles.

Until I discovered HiiT.

People started asking if I’d lost weight.
I hadn’t, and I didn’t need to.
In fact, I’m consistently about 5 pounds over what was my typical weight before HiiT.  But suddenly my muscles were appearing. My thighs were firmer. My shoulders were sculpted. My upper back was toned.

It was about f*cking time, you know?

It’s not that I don’t value exercise for overall cardiovascular health and better mobility. I believe in that. I do! But for all my THOUSANDS of hours of exercise, was it too much to ask to have some flippin’ muscle tone?

And now, on occasion, I receive emails from people who’ve been doing my HiiT Quickie Workouts regularly, and they are just as thrilled – and surprised – at the results. And those emails make me oh so happy!

I got this one yesterday:

“I didn’t realize my body was firming up terribly much.
My winter wardrobe consist mostly of stretchy pants. Friday
I tried on my white dress pants and they wouldn’t stay on (too loose).
Knowing I’m going to Mexico in a few weeks I figured I should
try on some of my summer clothes in case I need to buy
smaller sizes. I have been pleasantly shocked to find I will now
need to go shopping for summer clothes. I think I’ve dropped a
couple of sizes. I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight but know
I’ve built muscle. I feel great. Dale and I have altered our food intake also.
I’ve cut out a lot of sugar and almost completely cut out milk.
We’re both drinking almond milk. We’ve upped our bean and fish intake
and are consuming lots of fruits and veggies. I’m very thankful for
your workouts as a fast and easy way to get fit. I really do need to
give you a “donation”. I don’t have a pay pal but will give you something
the next time I see you. Thank you!”

I want YOU to have the same kind of success! I want to know if my Quickie Workouts are working for YOU!

And on that note, let’s get busy, shall we? We have a new workout to HiiT!

For this workout, you’ll need one heavy Sandbell, your Gymboss Interval Timer, and a mat!

We have something a bit different for this week’s HiiT Quickie! In this workout we work on balance and strength with five challenging combination moves that all require balance in some way! You’ll hiit legs and arms and get cardio too, but the focus here is on balance so you’re going to get a great core workout!

Learn the exercises plus proper form and Make-It-Easier Modifications in the Workout Preview:


Now, let’s HiiT this one in Real Time!



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