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Laura Flynn Endres

It was when Laura turned 40 that she got the insane idea to capture herself on film and broadcast it to the world. She never aspired to act or perform, but she’s embracing the the “F*ck it” attitude that comes with age for all it’s worth. Read more about Laura here. Then go do your workout. DO IT.



Jose Galarza, FACTION 5 FILM, Inc. 

Galarza, founder of Faction 5 Film, grew up with film all around him. As a young boy, he watched new releases every weekend with his father, then analyzed the movie plots and reenacted them with his action figures. He also created his own imaginative tales—a film entrepreneur was in the making. His dedication to film only advanced when he realized that he was captivated by the way the camera moved in each scene. Galarza eventually put his creativity to work when he enrolled at Rock Valley College where he received a certificate of graphic arts as well as a certificate of mass communication. As an adult, Galarza savors in the fact that dreams can come to life through cinematography. He believes that the documentation of various special events should not only be viewed as a memory, but be made into something that is continually rich and engrossing. When he is not devoting himself to Faction 5, Galarza works meticulously in his spare time to develop new ideas for short films. He finds inspiration for his creativity through the work of George Melies. Galarza is the mastermind behind making dreams come true by delivering compelling and enchanting cinematography to every audience—big and small.




Shannon Loucks, Breaking Daylight

Shannon picked up a hoop just over 2 years ago and found it to be a fabulous way to get her sweat on and unleash a little creativity. She steps in front of the camera now to share her love of hooping as a fitness tool, but mostly as a way to unleash the child in each of you!  Outside of the hoop, she’s home full-time, hanging with her boys and writing about this business of living peacefully with one another on her blog, Breaking Daylight.



Trevor Allen, Ample HeightsTrevor

Trevor Allen of Ample Heights is a producer and artist based in Johnson City, Tennessee. Producing since summer of 2011, Ample Heights has yet to find a defining genre. Allen made his first official release in 2012, Playful Insomnia, a 5-track self-released EP that is heavily influenced by Daft Punk as well as Radiohead.






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Nathan Agin, Nonstop Awesomeness

Nathan Agin practices and believes in a life of Nonstop Awesomeness, that life is always awesome when we bring our best to each moment. He spent many years in Los Angeles as an actor (he did get paid) until he decided to get rid of his possessions and travel full-time. Aside from some killer virtual assistant work, he writes and shoots video for his own site, consults on how to travel for free, supports others in reaching their potential, lives life to the fullest, and loves connecting with amazing people. He’s been on the go since 2010, traveling to and living in different cities, as he examines the question: “what does optimal living on the road look like?” Find Nathan on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.





Shawn Smythe, Human Rights for Human Children

Smythe is a self-taught graphic designer and the person who keeps Laura from losing her mind. Smythe first learned PhotoShop in 2000 to assist her then-husband, a professional photographer, with editing images. From there, she put her skills to good use helping friends and family design business cards, graduation announcements, wedding invitations and more. She is currently experimenting with Illustrator and continues to hone her design skills. As a stay-at-home mom, Shawn spends most of her time with her only kiddo, her “mini-me.” They spend their days hanging out together learning about the world. Shawn also started a Facebook page to raise awareness about children’s rights via social media. She cares deeply about all children and believes they deserve the same rights and respect as any other human being. You can lend your support by liking Human Rights for Human Children on Facebook. 





Raven TaliferoJellyfish Apocalypse

Raven is a self-taught web designer from California. She learned the basics while not going to school. She got her start working on her mom’s website and other projects. Now Raven is traveling around the continent and web designing on the side to help fund her adventures. 




Rob Endres, Stonebrook Capital Management

Pass the tissues.  Laura waxes poetic…Rob I would be remiss if I did not mention that really, none of this would be possible if my husband, Rob, wasn’t willing to work long hours to support our family. Over these many years, I’ve only held a full-time job for three. I did mostly volunteer work, and only made money here and there through tutoring, henna gigs, and finally, now, through fitness. In that time, Rob has always worked – from humble beginnings loading trucks on third shift, through transitions to sales jobs, and finally landing at Stonebrook Capital Management. And it is through his selfless sacrifice in this realm that the kids and I can pursue an unorthodox lifestyle of living and learning. Now, the benefit extends to YOU – I can offer This is Fit Workouts for free, because Rob brings home the bacon. I’m forever grateful.  In addition to making the money, Rob teaches karate in our basement studio (for free), roots for his favorite Wisconsin teams (Packers, Badger & Brewers), works on the family farm, and promotes my speaking gigs so he can travel as often as possible.  

By the way, he’s damn good at what he does. You should contact him to learn how Stonebrook can handle your financial needs and grow your money.  

Oh, and one more thing:  He does dishes.  BOOM.