Nitroshaker Review & Post-Workout Protein


I have used many, many blender bottles over the years. Every single one ended up in the recycle bin or donated to Goodwill. Until now.
I received a Nitroshaker from ShakerFactory and I Love This Bottle. The blending apparatus has a nifty handle that makes it really easy to remove, and my protein shake never has lumps. For that reason alone I’m in love and use it daily.
But it also comes with an insert to store your vitamin supplements, AND an additional add-on compartment so you can keep extra protein powder on hand. That means I don’t have to mix my shake until I want to drink it. No mixing ahead and letting it get funky and separated.
The size is ideal with liquid measurements imprinted on the side, and the flip top locks open, which is great because normally those tops get in the way while you’re trying to drink.
Right now, ShakerFactory is selling in bulk quantities and companies can have their logos imprinted on shakers they can then use in marketing. These would make great gifts from gym trainers to clients, or great incentive items for corporate wellness programs!Visit for more information!

I highly recommend this shaker blender! It’s hands-down the best I’ve ever used, and this is saying something because I’m…  fussy!
If you’d like to read more on post-workout protein, we have that! Here and here.
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