On the 2nd Day of Kicking Ass… Workout Challenge!

squatSing along with me! “On the second day of Kicking Ass, this is what we dooooo…. Two Rounds of Legs on Fire, and an Every Minute on the Minute Throwdowwwwwn….”

If you’ve got any musical chops whatsoever, you’ll be able to match that to the tune. Can you? CAN YOU?

Speaking of musical chops, we listened to 8-time first round Grammy nominee and legendary blues guitarist Bobby Messano, play last night. And holy hell did he play! Along with bassist Steve Geller, and Daxx Nielsen, drummer, they Tore It Up. 

We stayed until the end, chatted them up, and got photos and autographs. :::jumps up and down clapping:::

ANYhow, how are your abs feeling? Yesterday’s throwdown was a sneaky one. All 3 exercises hit the core, so my abs were FEELIN’ IT right away, and I was all like, “Oh hello, rectus abdominus…  “

So today? We hiit LEGS.

Legs on FIRE, to be exact!

I want you to aim for 2 rounds of this one. Each round will only take about 1.5-2 minutes, so that’s a long time to keep your legs under tension, but only a 4-minute workout tops if you do 2 rounds!

So do 2 rounds. Just do it, GOSH.

Oh, and warm up first. Some knee raises, hip rotations, shallow squats, jumping jacks. Just get loose and warm.

Hahaha I said get loose.

After this, hiit a few rounds of yesterday’s EMOTM challenge to top it off! But only if you want to. You want to, don’t you? Or use this as a finisher to your regular workout today and any day!

Happy Sunday! Come back tomorrow for “On the 3rd day of Kicking Ass, Laura made me dooooo…..” and sign up to receive notifications of all future workout challenges in the ‘Follow Me’ sidebar section!

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