One-Hour Consultation

One-Hour Consultation – $40

In this One-Hour Consultation, you will:

  • gain clarity on your fitness priorities
  • understand how to more effectively exercise to reach your unique fitness goals
  • learn how to work around your specific pain & injuries*
  • understand exercise fundamentals with an emphasis on proper form & technique
  • walk away with a workout blueprint that will have you on your way to optimal fitness

* I am not a credentialed rehabilitative specialist.  Injuries may improve and pain may lessen during the course of training but this programming is not designed to diagnose, treat, or heal specific injuries.

What Does the One-Hour Consultation Include?

  • Preparation and Review Time: Prior to your session, you will receive a questionnaire by email to complete & return. I will review your information and develop personalized strategies and suggested resources for you based on your stated needs (provided you e-mail your materials 48 hours prior to meeting).
  • 60-Minute Phone Consultation:  Your one-hour consultation will consist of 20 minutes focusing on your goals and needs; 20 minutes on workout theory, proper form and safety; and 20 minutes on programming to include specific exercises, time format, progression, and injury accommodation.
  • Personalized Materials: You leave with a customized workout program, including handouts and resource list (when applicable), a mini “Action Plan” you can implement right away.
  • E-mail Follow-Up:   Following your consultation I will e-mail a synopsis of your programming, including additional information on resources that were discussed during the strategy session and a BONUS offer.


Feedback from One-Hour Consultation Clients:
“I never would have thought of those exercises and variations!  It’s so great to have new ideas that work for me!”

“It was so great to learn how to adapt exercises to make my needs a priority.  Classes are great, but they’re one-size-fits-all.  Now I know exactly how to work on my weak spots and get stronger.”

“I never saw myself as the type to hire a trainer.  I got so much out of the one-time session I decided to hire Laura again and I can’t wait to get started!”


Register Now to Schedule Your One-Hour Consultation

Upon registering, instructions on payment will be delivered by email.  When payment is received, you’ll receive a follow-up email with information on scheduling your session and the pre-consultation questionnaire to complete and return.