Recommended Equipment

Many of the exercises can be done using only your body weight.  However, if you’re exercising at home, I recommend purchasing the following equipment:

  • Gymboss Interval Timer
  • Dumbbell Sets:  Note: These weight estimates are based on what my actual clients typically use.  (I’m sure YOU can lift FAR more, you big stud.)
    • LIGHT (women: 3-5 lbs; men: 5-10 lbs)
    • MEDIUM  (women: 7-12 lbs; men: 12-30 lbs)
    • HEAVY  (women: 12+ lbs; men: 35+ lbs)

You can make do without the equipment if necessary.  If you don’t have the above recommended items and you don’t want to invest just yet, use everyday household items instead.  Soup cans, milk jugs filled with water or sand, your toddler, a chair.  Be creative.  Many of these alternatives are demonstrated in the videos.

If you have a gym membership, go there and have your Quickie.  Use their equipment.  You’re paying for it!

Get the equipment I use!

Shop here or via the links above to purchase some of the equipment I use.  I do receive a small compensation when you purchase through my site.  That helps me offer my Quickies for free!