Replay Monday!

We’re going back in time for this week’s Quickie Workout….  to the 2nd workout I ever posted.  I see all kinds of wrong in this one, but that just demonstrates we’ve come a long way, Baby! The filming is a bit rough, and you can tell I’m nervous as all get out, but the exercises are legit so we’re doing this one again!

Actually, the modifications I offer aren’t as legit as they should be.
Also, I was too busy Super Bowl Partying to get a new workout ready.
Dammit, why do I have to be so honest?

Grab your weights, and let’s HiiT this oldie but goodie! I’ve got some Super Bowl Party indulgence to sweat out!  Something tells me the bear crawls, star jacks, side planks and lunges in this quickie workout will take care of that in no time.

Speaking of Super Bowl indulgence, holy Seahawks victory! We didn’t have a stake in this game, but from the amount of hooting and screaming going on, you’da thought we did!

For this week’s workout, you’ll need a set of light dumbbells, a set of heavy dumbbells, a mat, and your Gymboss Interval Timer!

Learn the exercises plus modifications to make them easier in the Preview Video:

Now let’s do this Workout in Real Time:

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