Rest and Digest

saladOur Rest & Digest products support your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients as well as restore the balance of healthy bacteria.


Those who:

  • Experience digestive distress
  • Seek to correct the imbalance caused by a high-sugar, high-carb diet
  • Seek to correct the imbalance created by antibiotic use
  • Seek to reduce inflammation in the body


Research tells us that up to 80% of your body’s immune cells reside in your digestive tract! Therefore, your gut health has a direct correlation to your immune system, hormone balance, and brain health. An unhealthy gut can manifest as digestive distress, skin problems, heart issues, migraine headaches, autoimmune diseases, mental illness, autism spectrum disorders, and more.


BASIC – $155*
Rest & Digest Package #1

 (1-2 month supply)


OPTIMAL – $300*
Rest & Digest Package #2

(1-2 month supply)

In addition to Basic Rest & Digest Package #1, you’ll also receive:

* Both programs are customizable. Products can be purchased individually. Packages reflect retail price. Discounts are available. Additional shipping costs may apply.


Real Clients – Fantastic Results!

“I got my yearly blood work done and ALL of my numbers have decreased significantly since last year. My cholesterol was 197 and is now 159!  ALL of my blood results have improved from last year and I was down 21 pounds from the time I started the products!”

“I used to have constant stomach aches and other digestive “issues” I won’t disturb you with (lol). Now,  my digestion issues hardly ever flare up! I’m so much better that now, I’m surprised when I do have a “bad stomach” because the flare-ups are few and far between.”

“It’s official – all of my doctors are saying your product is one of the best. One doctor was elated to hear of me taking it.  So glad you stayed on me to try them!”

“Hepasil (liver detox product) was a game changer for me – big time. I will never stop using it! Oh, and I keep the digestive enzymes on me at all times. They are AMAZING.”