Rock This Workout!

We’re battening down the hatches, throwing wood on the fire, stocking up on food, doing 25 jumping jacks approximately every 3 minutes, and randomly screaming things like HOLYEFFINGSH*TBALLZISITCOLD in defense against – and reaction to – the wicked cold that has descended upon the Midwest. I’m not sure I’ve felt cold like this ever. And it makes me wonder about the sanity of those who live in northern regions.

No seriously, what’s the matter with you people.

I’m always cold, and I hate it. If I’m moving around I’m not too cold, but if I’m doing work at my computer, I can wear three layers, a scarf, and a blanket wrapped around me like a toga and still be cold. IT’S SO ANNOYING.

But I’ve discovered two things that truly warm me to the core: a hot hot hot shower, and exercise.

And that, my friends, is my motivation to keep up with my workouts even on days when it sounds more reasonable to burrow under down comforters and never come out.

In fact, I just HiiT last week’s workout, In Your FACE, and topped it off with some specialized strength training sets (push-ups, front-weighted step-ups, push presses, and so on), and for the first time all day, I’m warm.

I’m warm!  I’M WARM!

I mean, I’m hot. RAWR.

So I know you feel like holing up with a non-stop supply of carbs, but buck up little camper. It’s time to hiit this workout. No, wait – it’s time to ROCK this workout.

Cuz that’s how we roll.

For this week’s workout, you’ll need two light Sandbells, one heavy Sandbell, and a mat! We’re gonna be doing a reverse lunge shoulder press combo, a bad-ass superman plank reach that works balance, core and agility, a burpee side crunch combo (of course there’s a burpee), and more!


Quickie Preview Video:

Quickie Real Time Video:

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