She Got Legs – 15-Minute HiiT Workout!

She Got Legs…
And she knows how to use them…. RAWR.

Jacks, Burpees, Med Ball Swings, Plyo Push-Up Burpees, Turn-Lunge-Turn-Lunge Whatchamacallits… (I don’t have a name for that exercise. Obviously.)

Y’all down with building your quads, hamstrings, and glute muscles with this every-exercise-hits-the-legs HiiT Quickie Workout?
I said “Y’all DOWN?”
That’s more like it.

HiiT this 15-minute workout and then HiiT me up with some feedback!
I like feedback.
Please feed me back.

Also, we’re filming new workouts next weekend – get your requests in now!

Don’t like this workout?
MAN, you’re fussy.
Uh,I mean… wait!
I have more!
Dozens more!
Click HERE!

*I’m here for you, bitches.*

For this workout you’ll need one heavy Sandbell, your Dual-Grip Medicine Ball, your Gymboss Interval Timer, and a mat!


Learn the Proper Form plus Make-It-Easier Modifications in the Workout Preview:


Then, do the workout in Real Time!


Do you like this week’s workout? If not, there are dozens more to choose from HERE!




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