She Got Legs (and she knows how to use them) HiiT Workout Video!

I love feedback. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Not only does it tell me what people do and don’t like about my workouts, helping me choreograph better workouts, but sometimes the feedback is so entertaining it just makes my day. Y’all pick right up on my cues that I like to laugh, and deliver your feedback in so many entertaining ways!

Take Bill Collins, for example. He’s on Google+ and he messaged me a week or so ago saying he wanted to not only try one of my Quickie Workouts, but he’d do two in row because apparently he’s a stud or something, and he asked me to recommend a couple workouts.

I promptly forgot all about it was just about to get back to him when I got a notification. He’d chosen two workouts, and he’d tried them, and he wrote up a long, entertaining play-by-play of what went through his head as he did them. 

It’s hilarious! And flattering. (And not just because he says I have a nice bum. :::hair flip:::)

Also, :::KACHING:::  <—more money added to kids’ therapy fund

Here is his commentary in all its full glory. And below that is this week’s new workout, She Got Legs!

So enjoy Bill’s story, then get yo spandex on, because it’s time to HiiT another 15 minute high-intensity interval workout! 

“What goes through a guy’s head during a workout video. Long. Possibly amusing.

I have to watch this whole intro? I just want it on the whiteboard. Well maybe I should. Hm. Okay. 

A whole bunch of this is new. Man she does this over hardwood floors. What is that? Marine varnish? That would be easy to clean.

Oh hey we’re starting. Damn good thing I watched the preview. One of these is new.

Hey feet go that way. Damnit.

She’s got a cute…oops footing. Really, seriously, I have to figure this out in 10 seconds? It’s not like I wrote it down. Oh wait. I did. I even watched the preview. Shit.

Still a cute butt. 

Okay we got this set. Yeah! Power through.

Where’s the whiteboard? Frick I wrote it on that paper. The one over there. That I can’t read. 

Dude walked in front of the camera. Get out of the way! 

I like the numbers there. Yeah I need a timer.

Second set. Sure. Bring it.

She says there’s supposed to be a little burn. Wait for it. 

There it is. Hm. Mainly legs. Seen worse.

This 50 seconds stuff? It’s like a recovery phase from the one before it! Okay. That’s cool!

How does this lady have better shoulders than me? I mean, she’s not that much younger. Is she like a professional or something???

Like what’s up with starting into the next thing on the rest break! 10 seconds is NOT enough.

I am sweating everywhere. The dog moved off the couch. Jeez. Not even sexy sweating. Ha! Like who wants to see your aging ass in grey Under Armour?

When does she sweat?

Does she ever breathe hard even?

What’s with this switching sides every time on this kick/lunge stuff? The kids at the gym do 10 reps on one side and then yell for the switch.

Third time through? Got the Shakies starting! Yeah.

I should have eaten lunch.

Couldn’t she like…give me a list of these things at the end?

And that’s a wrap. Yeah okay I am a little out of breath. Frigging senior citizen you are. Mop up the floor Chumley. Water. Drink it. Old people. Sheesh.

She had a nice figure. If anyone reads this far you’re toast. Again. Well you’re a guy. They should know this.

Hey you’re supposed to do the “warmup” twice through again. It’s only 5 minutes.

Frack. Supposed to be giving rides. Okay once. Then call and explain. Right? Shower first? Nah. Who cares what you smell like?

Like the whole world. You reek.

… And we’re starting the cardio warmup thing again. I like this one. 

Bill Collins

Is there like a link to the full 15 minutes or did she just decide this was too hard? The newer video had this handy little click thingy.

Dude. You are breathing hard now. 

Just keep up. If some cutie can do it so can you. 

What’s with moving all over the room? I nearly tripped on the dang coffee table.

We’re done already?? Whaaat?? I could so kick butt and do this another time. Maybe three. (Right before my frigging open heart surgery.)

Oooh. I’ll take a stupid picture of myself. Yeah! That’s it!

Way to finish it off. Defiant like. Chewing metal and spitting it out.”


Defiant like. Chewing metal. Now that’s a workout! 

Let’s do it again!…. with this week’s Quickie Workout!

She Got Legs – and she knows how to use them…  (Name that song.) In this workout, we hit Legs Legs Legs! Walk-Outs, Star Jacks, Burpees, Med Ball Swings, Turn-Lunge-Turn-Lunge thingies…  (I don’t have a name for that one. Obviously.) Build your quad, hamstring, and glute muscles with this every-exercise-hits-the-legs HiiT Quickie Workout!

For this Quickie, you’ll need one heavy Sandbell, your dual-grip medicine ball, and a mat.

Learn the 5 exercises, proper form, and make-it-easier modifications first:


Now do She Got Legs in Real Time!

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