Show Me the Love, Man

So my son worked on the Man of Steel movie, right?  And we hosted a private showing for hundreds of our family and friends this weekend, right?  And I have no less than 8 gajillion-and-one people staying at my house all week, right?  And over a bottle of wine tonight we joked about what inspiring, motivational words of wisdom I could write to accompany this week’s Quickie launch.  And after a couple glasses of wine, the idea that won is that I don’t care if you actually DO the workout so long as you WATCH the workout.

So motivating, isn’t it?

That’s just the wine talking, though.  

Of course I care that people find my workouts motivating and useful in their path to health and wellness.  I care a lot.  A whole, whole lot.  But every joke has a tinge of truth – and in this case, it’s that without followers, without views, we don’t have a real thing here.  

We plan these workouts.  They’re filmed by a professional videographer who takes his work very seriously.  It takes hours and hours and hours to edit them.  It takes a team of super awesome talented and committed people to make the workouts and the graphics and the marketing and the website and the links that link to the right links.  Someone at our movie party said, “I looked at your website and it looks like you have a real graphic designer and a real programmer and real people filming your videos.  Is this really a thing?”

This is really a thing.  THIS IS REALLY A THING.

We do it because we’re passionate about it, and we do it because people ask for it.  We do it because we’re called to serve – I’m serious! – and we do it because we like adding our unique flavor to the swirl.

But reality is that there has to be some kind of warm fuzzy that keeps us going – and that warm fuzzy right now is you, and knowing that you watch, and that you hopefully do the workouts, and that you tell your friends, and that you subscribe to the YouTube channel, and…  and…  and it’s all gonna be one big hug-fest.  Aw shit, man.

But in all seriousness, I get emails from people telling me how my exercise programs have made them stronger.  How something I posted struck a chord with them.  How the modifications in the Preview videos are helpful and make the workouts doable for them.  How words I said six months ago in a training session finally rang true for them *today* in a way that caught them off guard.  And that, my friends, makes it all worth it.  

I love you, man.  I really really love you, man.

(Put down the wine, Laura.)

We love what we do.  And we hope you love that we do it.  And all you need to do to show us the love is have a Quickie.  

Who else offers you such a trade?  Thank You, and You’re Welcome.  


For this week’s workout you will need your handled medicine ball, and two light sandbells.

Quickie Preview Video:

Quickie Real Time Video:

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