Support Small Businesses – Shop Friends & Family!


My heart.

It’s holiday time! Want to support small businesses? Taking a cue from my amazing and always selfless friend Flo of, I’ve created a ‘Shop Friends & Family’ Google Drive Document! 

If you have goods or services to offer, enter your business info in the database. You’ll be included in a holiday shopping suggestions post on my website! And y’all know I promote these things far and wide! 

Because who knows Laura has a big mouth! 
Put your hand down, Laura.  

Go to the Shop Friends & Family drive document, fill in each field, and share this with anyone else who might like to participate! Oh, and please don’t edit anyone else’s information. That would be super asshole-ish. 

Now go! List your goods and services so people can buy your shit! I mean, your stuff! Your awesome, amazing stuff! 

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