Fame & Flattery


(Aw, shucks you guys.)

“It seems deceptively easy, so I thought I’d do the exercises four times through. Yeah…. three times was plenty.” – Paula

“Definitely something I could do 3 days a week.  15 minutes is perfect and I was tired enough at the end of each workout that I felt I had accomplished something that would have taken over an hour if I had gone to the gym and back.  It’s definitely something I will add to my workout routine!”  – Gail


“These workouts really push me.  I’m not big on giving it my all, intensely.  This showed me just how out of shape I am.  Time to work on that.  Thanks for the push!”  – Diane


“Watching the video through I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it the whole 15 minutes even with modifications, but I did! You are amazing and I love that you are following your passions and making this available to a larger audience!”  – Jenna

“VERY strenuous and nearly impossible for a mere man to stay with you.   I hurt for two days.  The good part is that for most of the exercises the floor was very close. I didn’t have far to fall.” – Broc

“I have been a member of several gyms over the years and have 
experienced many different instructors and their styles. For me, the key to a good workout is a good instructor. There are a couple girls at the gym who keep me coming, one being Laura! Her style is fun, motivating and exhausting.  Since attending the classes I feel better, am stronger, and mentally, it is lifting. Exercise is the best medicine! Go BURPEES!” – Penny, Class Participant and Personal Training Client

“I have known Laura for several years; in fact, she was my son’s grade school teacher.  We became re-acquainted at the gym in 2009.   I was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2005.   At the time I joined the gym, I had progressed from using a walker to a cane. I had also progressed from wearing only Crocs to wearing athletic shoes due to the extreme neuropathy pain in my feet.    I started walking the treadmill but that was boring.  The various exercise classes that were offered intrigued me.  I started with Laura’s step-aerobics class.  Yes, most of the time I was horribly out of sequence but kept going doing the best I could.  Laura would continue to encourage me knowing that I was doing my very best.  I NEVER felt that I should not be part of the class.  Over the years, I have continued with Laura’s classes.  My favorite is the Pilates class.  It has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with my balance/strength issues. (I have even substitute taught for her when she has been absent.)  She was also my personal trainer for a few months in 2011.  We worked on various exercises that helped with my overall strength and balance issues.  In spring of 2011, I progressed to the point of becoming cane-free.  That same year, I joined the running club with Laura’s encouragement.  Today, I am running up to 12 miles at one time.  Plus, the last two years, I have been doing a variety of 5K, 10K and even 10 mile races.  Currently, I am training for a 10 mile race and have my sights set on doing a half marathon in the fall of 2013.  I NEVER thought in my wildest dreams that I would progress to the point that I have.  Laura has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with this journey.  I pray that she will continue assisting me with my fight against MS; my physical exercise; and being my mentor, wonderful supporter and friend!” – Pam Johnson, Class Participant and Personal Training Client

“Laura is excellent at her job.  Whether she is teaching classes or working one-on-one with a personal training client she loves what she does and it shows through her work.  In a class setting she is diligent about making sure everyone is safe and her workouts are well-rounded and include aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching.  She makes sure to warm-up in the beginning and cool-down when done.  When Laura is training a client she is aware of their abilities and pushes them beyond what they think they are capable of doing.  She has had several clients who have limitations and she is extremely good at thinking outside the box to give them exercises they are able to do to improve their fitness level.  Laura doesn’t just instruct others on how to exercise but she lives it out in her everyday life as well. She is an inspiration to anyone she is around.” – Beth, Certified Personal Trainer & Colleague