the Bodyweight Blitz Workout! No Equipment Needed!

There is so much amazing exercise equipment on the market today, which is why I use and promote some like Sandbells and Dual-Grip Medicine Balls! But sometimes, you just want a workout you can do anywhere but still gives you a challenge!

Enter body weight workouts. Body weight exercises are a fantastic way to not only gain strength and endurance, but to work on balance, agility, and range of motion too.

To that end, this week’s Quickie Workout is a 15-minute, No-Equipment-Needed Bodyweight Blitz!

I’ve got 5 exercises to pound legs, arms and core, and of course you’ll get cardio because these exercises don’t mess around! We hiit the ground running with a new burpee variation, which is a full-body exercise, then continue to hiit legs with a kneel + tuck jump combo (good gawd my tuck jumps need work!), squats, and side thrust kicks!

Then, we hiit chest and back and abs with a push-up kick-through, and we’ll end it with a bang with an advanced Pilates exercise, the teaser!

This workout proves we don’t need no stinkin’ equipment to get our sweat on!

If these workouts are too difficult for your current fitness level, I always include make-it-easier modifications for every exercise in every Workout Preview Video!
Then, if you want to do it with me (snicker) in real time, you can do that with the Real Time Video!

So let’s do this!
Watch it!
Try it!
Share it with yo’ people!

Then tell me what you think!

Workout Preview Video:


Bodyweight Blitz in Real Time:


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