the DON’Ts

During a recent certification, the instructor told me, “No offense, but your industry is full of flakes.”

“You forgot egotistical assholes,” I replied.

It’s not just trainers, though I know this industry tends to attract people who think just because they’re toned and buff they have the right to judge others.  We all do it.  We judge each other based on looks, weight, clothing choices, and hairstyles.

Ain’t none of that going to be up in here.

I adore fitness.  I always have.  My childhood was spent climbing trees, swinging from ropes, rollerskating (shoot the duck? Anyone?), riding my bike, climbing haybales, racing my dad in the side yard (he’d let me hang with him the whole race and then burn me at the end, every time), and creating elaborate obstacle courses for my siblings and the neighbor kids to do, complete with stopwatch and “times to beat.”

I took power tumbling and dance.  I played school sports, including cheerleading (don’t be hatin’), and some intramural volleyball in college for a while.  My two best college friends and I would meet at the gym and work out. For fun. (Often followed by beer and french fries, but neveryoumind that part.) That’s where I met my husband.  “I like the way the shimmer of your crop top matches the AquaNet shine of your hair….”  

As an adult I’ve enjoyed a crap-ton of biking (hauling two kids in a trailer is killer, y’all), hiking, and classes at the gym.  Hell, I see weeding six gardens, trimming trees, and rearranging rocks as REST.  

Basically, I have a lot of energy. But that doesn’t mean others like these things.  And it’s not my place to judge.  

I’m a can’t-sit-still kind of person.  Others function in fits and starts.  Some are slow-and-steady.  It’s all good.  IT’S ALL GOOD.

Be your OWN kind of fit.

Here’s what you won’t find at This is Fit, and what I won’t tolerate in comments:

  • Fat-Shaming
  • Guilt
  • Food-shaming
  • Condescension

People will come to This is Fit for a variety of reasons, but I hope they’ll stay because they feel welcome.  Because they can get information without the guilt and shame.  Because they are good people and they like to hang out with other good people.  And if we each get a bit more fit while we’re here?  All the better.

But name-calling and “I’m better than you because I weigh less?”

You’ll have better luck with that elsewhere.