Thursday Throwdown!

It’s Thursday!  Time for another Throwdown!

Every Thursday I will post a throwdown.  Thursday Throwdowns are an extra challenge to be added to your regular Quickies.  Do them once just to test your endurance and strength; do them after every Quickie; or use them as your workout on days you’re too busy to fit in a whole 15-minute Quickie.  (We know we live in a crazy busy world when we can’t find time for a 15-minute workout!)

This week’s Throwdown is an Every Minute on the Minute challenge.  That means you’ll set your interval timer for 1-minute intervals, and at the start of each minute, this is what you’ll do:

  • 10 Prisoner Squats
  • 10 Crab Touches
  • Hold Wall Sit for the remainder of the minute

You’ll hold the wall sit and when the timer beeps, begin again from the top.  This type of challenge is interesting because there’s no rest, and the length of the wall sit depends upon how long you take to complete the first two exercises.  Take a long time and the wall sit is short.  Crank those suckers out and you’ll be wall-sitting a while.

Do this EMOTM Throwdown for as many sets as you can – or aim to do it at least 5x through.  And if you want to add a little more somethin’-somethin’ to it, on your last set, see how long you can hold that wall sit!  My record currently stands at 5 minutes.  Beat it and put me to shame!

Alright bitches, you ready to throw down?  The only equipment you’ll need for this Throwdown is an interval timer (they’re inexpensive and AWESOME) and a wall.  And a floor. Or the ground. Your porch. Garage floor? Deck. Sidewalk.  Really, any horizontal surface that can hold your weight.

I’ll stop now.

The yard works nicely.  (Stopping.)  (Really.)

Throw Down!  Then throw down some feedback on Facebook or Google+!  And, be sure to subscribe and get access to all my free workouts!





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