Tone & Torch HiiT Quickie Workout

Last week we took it down a notch with a beginner-level workout. This week we’re back to high-intensity with a Tone & Torch HiiT Quickie!

Tone Muscles! Torch Calories! You do both with this Quickie Workout! 3 rounds of high-intensity interval training will raise your heart rate, work all major muscle groups, and firm your abs and back, and have you burning calories for hours afterward! We start off with a plie squat & press, then ramp things up with a broad jump burpee variation! Then we work legs & legs with a lower body combo, work upper body & core with a hand-release push-up roll, and top it off with Superman X for your back!

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Ready? Let’s get our sweat on!

Equipment Needed for this Quickie Workout: Two Light Sandbells, your Gymboss Interval Timer, and a mat.

Learn the exercises and how to modify the exercises in the Workout Preview Video:


Now, do this Quickie in Real Time!


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